Manufacturing Update 2: Design For Manufacturing Kick-off

DFM Kick Off.png

Dear Kelloists,

Today, we’ll give you an overview of what we’ve done so far and what’s next.

Manufacturing Status

We finally received the funds from Kickstarter! We’ve signed the contract with our manufacturer and started to work on the final mechanical and electrical design of Kello.

Our timeline for the next 4 months is clear:

We’re currently in the design and test phase.

During this phase, we work hand in hand with our contract manufacturer to improve our design and make it mass manufacturable using their machines and processes.

One of our manufacturer’s engineers giving his take on Kello’s design

One of our manufacturer’s engineers giving his take on Kello’s design

The goal is to take the mechanical design to the next level while making sure it’s manufacturable. One of the most striking examples is the speaker box design.

We had quality sound in our prototypes, but the audio experts from our factory found ways to improve it by using a wider metal speaker frame, which enhances the stability of the speaker and removes vibrations and leaking air issues. It’s a lot simpler and stronger!

The direct result of this change is better sound, simpler assembly, and cleaner design. It’s a win-win! 

The next step is to make a prototype of this new design and make sure the metal plate doesn’t interfere with the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi signals.

That’s it for today. We’re completely focused on manufacturing preparation and we want to make sure you’ll get the best Kello we can make!

Thanks again for your incredible support! Any questions? Simply REPLY to this update.

The Kello Team.