Manufacturing Update 1: What's Next?


Dear Kelloists,

Our Kickstarter campaign is finished, it is now the beginning of a new phase: manufacturing preparation. Let us give you an overview of what’s next.        

Manufacturing start and next steps

We have selected a few factories and are currently waiting for the Kickstarter funds to ignite the mass manufacturing process.

The immediate next step is start working on the design of the plastic injection molds as soon as we get the funds (in a few weeks from now). We will share more details on this phases in a coming update.

We are also working on the survey to collect you choice of colors and cable. Expect to receive your survey form next week.


Communicating with you

We’ll regularly share in the updates our current status, with photos and 3D simulations of the prototypes and the factory, and ask for your opinion on features, ergonomics choices, etc., through polls. We want you to feel part of the adventure!


How will the Kickstarter money be spent?

Here’s a breakdown of how we plan on spending the money we made on Kickstarter.

That's it for today. We're very excited to bring Kello to the next level!

Talk soon,

The Kello Team.