Morning, sunshine

Kello is more than an alarm clock: it's your personal sleep trainer that prepares you for the day ahead.


Look forward to mornings

Kello is the perfect transition from your nights to your days, waking you up energized and ready to seize the day.


Wake up to YOUR tune

Use your own playlists, radios, podcasts, so you wake up with whatever gives you a boost.

Ditch the Snooze

Challenge yourself to press the Snooze button only a limited number of times each week: you'll quit this nasty habit in no time.

Get up Earlier

By automatically trimming a few seconds off of your wake up time each day, get hours back without even noticing it.

Sleep better. Achieve more.

Harness sleep's incredible power and boost your day with Kello's Sleep Platform.


Fall asleep in a blink

Breathing in rhythm with Kello’s lights will put you to sleep 2.5 times faster, guaranteed.

Get better with Programs

Kello has dozens of Smart Programs made by sleep specialists that help you stay pumped up from dawn until dusk.

Turn off your phone

Kello doesn't rely on your smartphone and you can finally get rid of distractions. More “me” time means better sleep time.

Upgrade your nightstand

Kello is the result of driven engineers meeting driven designers: high-end features packed into a simple and stunning design.


Powerful HQ Speaker

An incredibly crisp sound thanks to a high performance neodymium magnet.

Soft Touch Finish

Kello's high quality finish is as soft to the hands than it is to the eyes.

Wi-Fi & Bluetooth

Enjoy the sound of your favorite TV show directly on your nightstand.

Smart Home Integration

Stay in bed to turn off the lights: Kello is connected to your home through IFTTT.

Auto-Dimming Screen

Kello's screens automatically dim at night and can be turned off completely.

High-Power USB Port

The end of bedtime contortions to find that cable under the bed.

Become a Morning Person with Kello