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Look forward to mornings

Kello is the perfect transition from your nights to your days, waking you up energized and ready to seize the day.


Sleep better. Achieve more.

Harness sleep's incredible power and boost your day with Kello's Sleep Programs.

Upgrade your nightstand

Kello is the result of driven engineers meeting driven designers: high-end features packed into a simple and stunning design.


Powerful HQ Speaker

With an incredibly crisp sound.

No Phone Needed

Switch to a distraction-free bedroom.

Wi-Fi & Bluetooth

All your tunes, on your nightstand.

Smart Home Integration

Connected to your home with IFTTT.

Auto-Dimming Screen

Get dazzled by its looks, not its screen.

High-Power USB Port

The end of late night cable hunting.

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Shipping early July 2017

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