Manufacturing Update 9: Final Production Prototypes


Dear Kelloists, 

As we’re entering the final stretch of Kello’s manufacturing, we’re more pumped than ever to get your Kello to your bedside table. Let’s check what we’ve been up to lately.

Final Samples

Last week, we received the final prototypes (commercial samples) before mass production. These samples included all mechanical changes we asked (in particular the ones addressing the durability issues we encountered last month), and enabled our manufacturer to test their production line.

We oversaw the assembly of the first Kellos on the production line. It was very rewarding to witness the birth of these units! 

See below a short video of the assembly:

And a family photo of these units that we've been testing for a week:


We’re getting closer than ever to mass production. The factory is ready and hopefully all components will be there on time. We plan to push the mass production button around June 21th. It will last for ~7 working days then the units will be shipped to you from Hong Kong starting end of June.

We have chosen our third party logistics vendor and you will receive an email containing all tracking info when we ship. We’ll explain thoroughly the shipping process in an upcoming update.   

The ANCHOR NIGHT Cable, now in USB-C

As you might know, we’re partnering with NATIVE UNION to give you an exclusive 50% discount on their gorgeous 6.5 feet long, Kevlar®-reinforced ANCHOR NIGHT cables.

This offer ends on Wednesday, May 31st and is only valid for you backers! 

And here’s the good news. You asked in the comments, we delivered: you can now choose to get the USB-C version!

If you're not a backer of Kello, it's not too late, go to our Indiegogo InDemand campaign and back Kello. You will receive an email asking for the color you want and giving you the possibility to add a ANCHOR NIGHT Cable to your pledge.


That's it for today. As always, if you have any question or remark, shoot in the comments.


The Kello Team.