Manufacturing Update 6: Our First Injected Kello


Dear Kelloists,

Things are starting to get really exciting as we’re now getting our first pre-production samples. Check out this month’s progress!   

Tooling and Molds

As stated in our last update, we’re in the process of making our injection molds. The first version of the molds has been released and we have just injected our very first Kello! It’s in black because it makes it easier to see little defects in the plastic.

Our first injected prototype

Our first injected prototype


The quality of the mold is very good for a first iteration. We do have a few things we need to improve on and it’s perfectly normal, such as the feeling of the snooze or the finishing of some parts. As every Kello we'll make will be injected using these molds, we want to be extremely confident that they are good quality.

Our manufacturer is currently making a new iteration of the molds. We expect a new set of prototypes by the end of next week.

New iOS App

As you know, we already have a fully functioning iOS app, and we have improved its design to have a better coherence with our website, packaging, and brand universe.

We’ve added a few features and we also fixed all the bugs we’ve noticed since we started testing and using Kello (for more than a year now!).


Android App

Last week we kicked off the development of our Android app and our developer is working on it as we speak. More to come soon.



We’re now putting the final touches to Kello’s firmware. First, we need to be extra sure that it’s completely bug-free as when we’ll ship, we’ll have less control on its most critical parts, and second, we want it to look good.

That’s why we added some nice animations on Kello. We hope you like them!


What’s next? 

Next week we’ll get more prototypes, that we’ll intensively use and test for 2 weeks. In late April, our manufacturer will make another iteration of Kellos that we’ll use for final testing and product certification.

We’re still in line to ship late May and we’re working as hard as we can to meet this deadline.