Manufacturing Update 5: Making of the Molds

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Dear Kelloists,

We've moving forward in the mass manufacturing process and soon you'll be able to enjoy your Kellos. Here's a roundup of this month's news.

Mold Manufacturing

We're still making the molds used for plastic injection. It's a lengthy process because we only have one shot at this: as every Kello will be made using these molds, their quality has to be perfect.

So far, we're on track and we are visiting our factory on a weekly basis to be sure we're not missing anything.

We made a short video of the manufacturing process of Kello's molds:

Next Steps

The next steps are: 

  • finishing the manufacturing of the molds by mid-March,
  • using them in plastic injection machines and make the first samples of each part,
  • by the end or March, assembling ~20 Kellos using the final tooling and electronic boards.

These 20 Kellos are called Engineering Validation Samples and will be used to refine our manufacturing process (choose the color shade of each parts, their finishing, etc.)

After these steps, we'll run a few iterations and make more and more Kellos until mass production in May.

That's it for today. If you have any question on the mold manufacturing process, shoot in the comments!


The Kello Team.