Summer 2016 Update - Color choice, prototypes, pre-orders


What's up everyone?

Summer is in full swing and Kello is getting ready to warm up those dark back to school days.

Let's dive into our news, and start with a quick summary of the questions you've asked us this month.

In which flavors will Kello be available?

After numerous tests, polls, blog posts, comments and feedbacks, we're proud to announce Kello will come in 3 different colors (to start).

Meet Cerulean Blue, Taupe Grey, and Mint Green!

We think you'll love them.

We've added a special silicon finish on the shells so they are extra soft to the touch and don't get dusty or stained over time.

For extra colors, we'll have a little surprise for you in the coming weeks. Can't say more just yet.

When will Kello be available for preorders?

We have a few milestones we need to achieve, but we can tell you preorders will open in the back to school period. More details soon!

How are the prototypes going?

Very well, thank you! We've ordered a batch of 10 prototypes, a few beta testers and the Kello team are already waking up to them everyday!

We built special prototypes for our marketing video using advanced machining techniques in our factory. We think they look gorgeous (but you be the judge of that). 

What are the next steps?

We're preparing our crowdfunding campaign, and making sure everybody is ready for Kello's big launch.

We're going to need you.

You guys are early supporters of Kello (thanks again for the support) and we'll need your help to get things moving, so we set up a little something... More on that in about 3 weeks!

What we've been up to these last few months

Industrial Design

Shapes? Checked. Colors? Checked. Material and finish? Checked. Our design is done.

Mechanical Design (phase 1)

Our prototype works. Buttons, snooze, display, speakers, everything is as it will be in production.
The next step (phase 2) is Design For Manufacturing, where our engineers will design the steel molds that will be used to inject Kello's plastic parts (and this one will start in September).



The speaker we’ve selected is incredibly powerful yet still very sharp. We're quite happy with the result, but it’ll continue to improve when we start tweaking Kello’s built-in equalizer.


Kello's motherboards boot and every feature is working!
This is a major accomplishment as it takes a few iterations to nail everything right.

Firmware & App

The first few Smart Programs have been integrated in the app and we're currently ironing out the bugs.

That's a wrap for this month. We know the wait is long, but trust us, it's worth it. In the meantime, give us your feedback in the comments below!

Talk soon!

The Kello team.