May 2016 Update - A Colorful Name


Hey everyone!

Curious to hear about what we’ve been up to this month?

First things first... Why "Kello"?

Back in October 2015 we booked a meeting room together with 15 of our IoT accelerator's best minds ( and we brainstormed.


We came up with more than 200 names!


The runners-up were Ristretto, Bloo, Dawny, and Kello. After hundreds of surveys and hours of self-questioning, we chose the contraction of "hello" and "clock", Kello.

Now you know, dear Kelloists.

Color poll!


We sent a poll in early May to Kello's Pre-launch Program Members to find out what colors we should make.

Starting now, everybody can vote, but votes of Kello's Pre-launch Program Members will count as double. The poll closes on June 15th, so make sure to give us your feedback as soon as possible!

NB: Pre-launch Program Members, you can change your mind and vote again. Only your last vote will count.



Get involved in designing Kello! If you want to join the Pre-launch Program (it's free!) simply add your email below.

Bonus point: you'll get a special price when we launch Kello!


What we've been up to this month

Industrial Design

Almost there. We moved the screens up a bit so that they don't mess with the speaker box. In terms of colors, we're waiting for your vote to choose the right ones and try them for real!

Mechanical Design

The first phase (rough design of the plastic parts) is finished. Now we're iterating with our engineers (which means that our office is full of plastic Kello parts).

Next steps will be Design For Manufacturing (DFM) and Design For Assembly (DFA).



We are testing speakers. We designed our audio chamber (the box that amplifies the sound), and we're tweaking it to improve audio quality.

Next up, calibration of the chip in our vendor's acoustic chamber.


We're producing our first printed circuit boards. If all goes well, soon, we won’t need our clumsy development boards anymore.


Our CTO is working with our app vendors to make sure that Kello gets along with its apps.

App Design

Our designer has finished 60% of the screens of Kello's app.

iOS and Android Apps

Our mobile developer is making great progress on the iOS app for our prototypes. The onboarding and alarm setup are finished. Next priorities are the integration of Smart Programs into the app.

Another busy month! Our goal is to get everything ready to manufacture the best Kello possible. When this is achieved, we'll open pre-orders.

That's all, folks! Have any feedback? Simply drop a comment below. We LOVE to hear from you!