Prelaunch Program members: help us choose Kello's colors!


August 2016 update: this poll is now closed as Kello's colors have been chosen. Thanks for participating!

We believe the 21st century alarm clock should perfectly match your personal tastes.

We decided to let YOU select which colors are the best for Kello. Only the most voted colors will be manufactured.

Vote at the end of the page and feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section!

Only votes from Kello's Prelaunch Program members will be taken into account.
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Color 1 - Gin Green

Color 2 - Pearl Grey

Color 3 - Colorado Ocher

Color 4 - Apricot Orange

Color 5 - Cerulean Blue

Color 6 - Foggy White

Color 7 - Taupe Grey

Color 8 - Mint Green

Color 9 - Hawkes Blue



Now vote!



Update August 2016: the color choice has been locked. The poll is closed. Thanks!

Note: this page is public but only Kello's Prelaunch Program members' vote (who received a special link via email) will be taken into account.

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