April 2016 Update - Meet Kello's Great-Grandfather


Hi there,

We couldn't be more excited to bring you our very first update! We'll write one every month to get you guys in touch with the very latest news of Kello's development.

A quick word before we start -- we wanted to give a huge THANKS to all of those who joined our Prelaunch Program (720 people as of right now).
We've been amazed by your answers to our questions and your feedbacks will make Kello stellar. You guys rock!



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First, let's start with a quick explanation of how we came up with Kello, shall we?

The story behind Kello

We're 3 passionate entrepreneurs who chose to follow their dreams of removing the dullness out of morning.

Some Monday morning of April 2015, we had to wake up very early to catch a flight. All three of our iPhones went off with this well known (and well cursed) "Radar" default sound of every iPhone alarm.


So irritating. Not only did we had to wake up at 4AM, but this horrible sound welcomed us to the day. Awful.

Then we had an idea.

What is there was a way to wake up refreshed, on our own terms, with a different song every day, thanks to a device that'll guide us into being actual morning persons?

So we worked with designers who came up with a stunning design and Fred, our CTO, coded a prototype in no time.

Kello was born.


Kello's great-great-grandfather (May 2015).

An early prototype of Kello (December 2015).

An early prototype of Kello (December 2015).


So, what's the status of Kello's development?

Bringing a hardware device to the world is a long haul, but we've managed to overcome all major roadblocks and are stepping deep into execution.

Industrial Design

The design is definitive, the last thing we have to choose is not the least: colors!
Prelaunch Program Members: watch your emails in the next weeks. We'll need your advice.

Mechanical Design

The first phase (design of the plastic parts) is almost finished.
Once this phase is finished, we'll work with our factory to design the plastic injection molds. Next will come Design For Manufacturing (DFM) and Design For Assembly (DFA).

Acoustics Design

We believe Kello should to have a top-notch sound quality, so we've asked experts to design all of the acoustics of Kello. The design is ready but we're still looking for the best speaker.
Next: calibration of the sound chips in an acoustics laboratory (yep, we really care about sound).

Electronics Design

Our engineers are putting the final touches to the electronic board and we will order a new batch of prototypes in the coming weeks

Firmware Development

Almost everything is ready for alpha testing (and bugs are ready to be hunted!).

App Design

We are working with some of the best app designers and we think you're going to love what they do.
Prelaunch Program Members: we'll soon ask for your opinion (watch out for screenshots!).

iOS and Android Development

We will ship Kello with iOS and Android compatibility (which means our app developer has twice the work to do). We decided to start with iOS, and the core (the hardest part of the app) is working: our phone and Kello can talk together!



In a nutshell, we're making huge progress every day and everything is happening smoothly. We'll have more prototypes to show you during the month. Stay tuned!

Kello will hit the shelves very soon. The exact date is still secret but rest assured that we're doing everything we can to bring Kello to your nightstand as soon as possible.

That's it for this month. Got anything to say? Just drop a comment below!