10 DAYS LEFT: Vote for a new feature!


We're crushing our goal on Kickstarter and we honestly can't believe how dedicated the Kello community is!

As a gesture of appreciation for this incredible campaign start, we're adding a new feature to Kello, and we need your help. So VOTE NOW for your favorite new feature!

If you haven't gotten already your own Kello at the special Kickstarter price, it's not to late!

Vote for your favorite new feature:

  • 1 - "Special Days Wake Up": on special occasions (your birthday, Christmas, Thanksgiving...), Kello will wake you up with a song that is related to the event.
  • 2 - "Turn Off Your Phone!": Kello displays a message if it senses that your phone is still on and that you're playing with it (yes, instead of sleeping).
  • 3 - "The Lying Clock": when you wake up Kello will lie about the exact time. It’s cruel but effective at getting us out of bed (note: this setting will only apply if you choose to activate it).
  • 4 - "Unusual Wake Up": got an important early meeting? Or a flight to catch? Kello senses that your alarm time is earlier than usual and makes sure you wake up by deactivating the Snooze button and increasing the volume.
  • 5 - "Riddle Me This": when activated, Kello asks you to solve a short riddle in Kello's app to turn off the alarm.


What's your favorite new feature?